Building a startup is like climbing a mountain where you can only see forward, but not up. In fact, the most accurate way that I think I can describe building »

Creating Open Source Culture

Jason Cohen once said that “Every company has a culture. The only question is whether or not you decide what it is.” - I couldn’t agree more. I think »

The Secret Sauce

The internet is abound with advice for startups and entrepreneurs. It’s gotten to the point where every time you turn your head there’s a new buzz word and »

You're Always Going to Trash Your First Startup

Ignorance is bliss. I sat there, deep in thought. Perhaps there was some other way to monetise? There must be. There must be some avenue that I hadn't explored yet. »

The Price of Success

It's easy being the underdog. I don't say everything I'd like to. Not any more. There was a time when I could tweet or write anything about anyone and feel »

The Anatomy of a $300,000 Kickstarter Campaign (I)

A little over a year ago I successfully funded a new publishing platform called Ghost on Kickstarter. If you're interested in the back-story, I've covered that in a 5-part series »