Today is an exciting day - I've just released my latest side project into the big bad world to be criticized  and pulled to pieces! The site is called WPress'd and is essentially your standard Digg-model type site, but exclusively for Wordpress content.

But What's On It?

Tutorials, themes, plugins, hacks, and SEO tricks are just the first categories that it's started with. I'm hoping that with some good user activity and a completely fresh design in the coming months will mean that it turns into a site that's really popular with the Wordpress community and has all the big WP blogs actively wanting to add their posts to the site, and display our logo on their blogs.

I've Got No Idea What a "Digg-Model" Site is

That's ok, it's really very simple. It's a news feed from lots of different places all over the internet, but instead of the website editors deciding what should go on the homepage - the users do. The popularity of each story is controlled by the users, who "Press" a story to vote for it as a good story/article and who "UnPress" to vote for it as a bad story/article.

The idea is that the homepage is constantly full of the latest and greatest Wordpress related posts, meaning that by subscribing to the WPress'd feed you'll be getting all the best stuff in a single RSS feed. No need to subscribe to all of them individually!

I Know Lots About Pligg, Want Some Help?

Yes please it'd be fantastic to get someone who knows about Pligg to lend a helping hand, please leave me a comment on the launch post over at

How Does This Have Anything To Do With Business?

Well, it's a side-project, a separate "venture" if you will. If WPress'd becomes popular it could feul a lot of Wordpress based development work for me which would be an extremely good thing as it's my favourite type of work. But I'd hope you come here for more than just "business" - things like philosophy and humour, and above all, GREAT writing...


Fine. Coming up this week I'm going to have a full review of the SitePoint Web Design Business Kit ready for you - and a couple of other productivity and freelancing related posts that should be a lot of fun!

Let me know what you think of WPress'd and drop me a line in the comments!