This month has been a slow month for me in terms of client work, but am I worried? Absolutely not - in many ways it's been the best and most productive month so far! Dry patches in client work can be a very good thing if you have a plan, allow me to elaborate.

What Happened This Month

I finished off February nicely, completing and invoicing for a client site. But whilst working hard to complete it, set up the business, blogging, and 100 other things I did almost nothing in February to line up new work for March (woops). Fortunately I have a financial cushion of about 6 months where it doesn't really matter how much I make. I'm incredibly lucky to have this advantage and I certainly don't take it for granted, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting back and doing nothing!

What I've Been Doing This Month

The first half saw a big decline in blog posts from yours truly and for good reason. I've been completely redesigning and developing Lyrical Media, and I'm extremely excited about it. The old site was great when I launched it, but it took only a few months to realise that I'd overused Sifr, the javascript on the nav was laggy, and the layout contained a couple of huge images that compromised hugely on loading times.

The Redesign

The redesign aims to eliminate all those problems - almost no images, no sifr, conservative use of JQuery, and the whole thing is powered by Wordpress. The design itself is (in my opinion) pretty far outside of the box, and I'm hoping that it will really boost my web presence and industry recognition (fingers crossed).

I literally can't wait to show it to you, and the old site will be disappearing tomorrow afternoon in favour of a holdingĀ  page as I take the new site online for final tests, before the official launch on Monday!

TheĀ  Networking

March has been a huge month for me in terms of developing relationships with other people in the web design industry. Thanks to winning a recent WooThemes competition I launched WPress'd and have been speaking at length with Tristan from Able Net Design about developing the site as a totally custom application.

The Twitter

Once again Twitter has been an amazing resource this month and I've met and spoken to more designers and developers this month than ever before, in particular Mike Savage who will be featuring yours truly in an interview on his own blog tomorrow!

I also had an absolutely massive response from all of you on my blog post here on how to get more twitter followers!

The Reviews

I've also had a big month reviewing software and books with RSIGuard, and Billings going down very well (win a copy of billings here) - as well as the SitePoint Web Design Business Kit review getting a huge response from all of you. The response was so good in fact, that I've decided that I can't simply stop there. As I write this the SitePoint Email Marketing Kit is on it's way to me from SitePointHQ, and I'm going to be doing an extensive multi-part review of the full kit, implementing the advice from author Jeanne Jennings, and reporting back on the results - I'm very excited about this one!

The New Leads

Finally - the end of the month has seen a whole host of new leads! (result!) Thanks in no small part to the Web Design Business Kit I am handling inbound enquiries much better and I've got two meetings next week with new clients that I'm really confident about.

The Result of All This?

I am so excited about April! I feel like I've really started building a solid foundation this month and April is going to be all systems GO! I've got so many things that I want to accomplish in the coming month and I literally can't wait to get started!

As a result of this supposed "dry patch" I feel like I've put myself in a far better position than I possibly could have been if I'd been worrying and trying to take on every tiny job possible.

Obviously not everyone has the luxury of being moderately free of financial worry, but for me, this dry patch has been brilliant.

What do you do when work is slow? How do you deal with a month with little work in terms of both finance and generating new leads? Let me know in the comments, would love to get some input from other people's experiences!