Paul Boag wrote a brilliant post today on The Reality of Home Working. The article covers some excellent points and raises some solutions to problems which I'm clearly not the only one having. Well worth a read, see my comment on the matter below:

The Reality of Home Working

Great post Paul, I've now been working from home for a month and a half and I've encountered a lot of the problems which you've mentioned here. The biggest of all of them for me is the "working 18 hour days" one - the problem is that when it gets to 10pm... I don't WANT to stop. I feel the urge to work on a personal project or Wordpress theme, so where does that leave me? Right back here in my home office again.

Like pretty much everyone has said, I guess it just takes time to find a balance - but I also think people probably work really long hours to start off with because they're desperate to get themselves established and make sure that they're going to have enough work to cover all their bills for the first couple of months.