This is a guest/joint post by myself and my good friend Michael Savage

John and I have been talking for some time and just recently we talked about making a survey for Web Development companies inspired by the Web Designers Business Kit by Sitepoint. So he invited me to write this guest post on his blog and I will most likely be echoing it over at the MDS Resources blog.

The Survey

We decided to use PollDaddy for the survey and post it for designers to send to their clients so we can get a good number of test subjects. So we are looking for about 200-500 submissions to get a good variety. Once the survey has between 200-500 John and I will then compile all the data and crunch the numbers, and then publish the results here.

You may be asking one of two things. One, why are you blogging about this? Well we need your help, we need you to send this survey to your clients and businesses in your area so we can build a worth while and informational document. Another question you may be asking is, why should we get our clients to fill out your form? Well that's a great question. Wouldn't you like to know where most of our industry's clients come from? That way we, as web designers, can focus our marketing energy, time, and money on what works and maybe even what needs work.

The idea is that we can find out on a totally general basis how people go about finding their web design companies, so that we (and everyone else) can assess the best ways to contact new clients.

What Are You Waiting For?

We've timed it and on average it takes 38 seconds to complete this survey. So you can send clients this link

Or if you are a company who uses web design services then you can take the survey right here by clicking on the link below.