For years I've been trying to find my niche, trying to find my goal in life, the something that I was really good at. And a couple of years ago I finally found it in the form of web design. It started out as a hobby, making small websites as 'fansites' for my favourite bands, and slowly I learned more, read more, and developed more as a designer until I finally got my first job working in the industry.

The First

The first job was ok, but it wasn't really what I wanted to be doing. The best part about it was that I met a couple of really great people who taught me many things about the ways of Cascading Style Sheets and semantic markup.

I was conveniently made redundant from that job just at a point when I was thinking about leaving, so I took my severance pay and moved on to my next position as a lead designer and front end developer for an extreme sports company.

The Second

That job though unfortunately, great as it was, was frought with problems. One of the company directors was an argentinian swine with his head buried so far that he hadn't seen the light of day in several years, and the other was a spineless little man who had no business sense, and absolutely no ethics.

The result was an unhappy working relationship which ended with me being forced to resign. Constructive wrongful dismissal my lawyer tells me is the technical term, but other than a large claim which I have pending for the future there wasn't much else immediate that I could do about it.

Moving On...

Over the years I've slowly been building up a decent client base of my own, and developing my own brand: Lyrical Media. Now seems as good-a-time as any to give my own company my full attention and to really try and achieve my goal of being self employed and sucessful.

So I'm taking the plunge, and with probably not nearly enough planning I'm diving head first into self employment.

I may have trouble and I may find it difficult, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to fight to make it work every step of the way.

And so here begins the journey, and the full account of all events here shall follow.