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Starting A Business - 2nd Month Review

Where did March go? I feel like I've been short changed on time this last month. 31 days just seems to disappear in the blink of an eye! Thankfully though, I got a huge amount done, so once again it's time to take a look back at the things I set out to achieve and whether or not I got there.

The Business

Since last month when I wrote about my progress in February, it feels like I've done almost double the amount of work again. I blogged this month about the hours which I'm currently working, well that hasn't changed much yet - I'm still up early, and in bed very late.

Here's some of the stuff I managed to get done in March:

  • Totally cleaned out my office, hopefully this'll be a guest post on FreelanceFolder soon
  • Got invited to do a guest post on Darren Rowse's TwiTip (I need to write this up)
  • Opened my business bank account (which took a LONG TIME to do)
  • Fully reviewed the SitePoint Web Design Business Kit (as pomised)
  • Networked with a lot [MORE] really great people!
  • Didn't take on any new projects, but got lots of enquiries. See my post on Dry Patches
  • Designed/coded/released the intial version of WPress'd
  • Put together some new sets of documents including my new-client needs-assessment form
  • Totally coded up and released a brand new Lyrical Media site (big accomplishment!)
  • Managed to get Lyrical Media bumped up to PR6 with the latest pagerank update
  • Got my credit rating sorted out! Natwest finally came through and fixed their mistake!

Reviewing Goals From March

In my first month review I set myself some goals to achieve for the month of March, let's have a quick look back and see what I did (and didn't) manage to get done.
  • Grow my twitter account to 700 followers - Sucess! I smashed this one, over 1,000 now!
  • Grow my rss subscribers to 60 - Success! Feedburner is currently showing 65!
  • Look into an advertising budget with BuySellAds - Fail, simply haven't got the budget yet
  • Set up a monthly newsletter with Campaign Monitor - Half success, opened an account and started using it, but I haven't actually set a newsletter up yet.
  • Complete and release the Neophyte wordpress theme - Total Fail, this one is on the backburner for the time being
  • Learn some more PHP, Javascript, and Ruby - Success! I did all three!

Goals For April

I set 6 goals last month, this month I'm bumping that up to 8 - and they're slightly more ambitious goals too, because what would be the point of succeeding at the same rate?
  • Set up Newsletter - back from last month, really want to get this done
  • Review the SitePoint Email Marketing Kit on this blog (fits in with the above)
  • Review the Rockstar Freelancer Book on this blog
  • Win (at least) two new client projects
  • Complete the first sample of my top secret Lyrical Media project (watch this space)
  • Grow my twitter account to 1,500 followers
  • Grow my rss subscribers to 100 people
  • Sell EggRage.co.uk (leave a comment if interested)

Other Stuff Coming in April

  • An interview with Brendon Sinclaire (author of the Web Design Business Kit)
  • Some more free applications for freelancers
  • A couple of guest posts by me on other freelance / web design blogs
  • More 'personal' style posts from me about the trials and tribulations of self employment
  • New and improved business cards!

What Are You Up To?

I love hearing from everyone who comments on this blog, so please tell me what you're up to and if there's anything that I can do to help out. If you're doing anything related to web design business, drop me a line and maybe we can get you a guest post slot! This site received 24,000 page views in March compared to 18,000 in February, so it's on the up!
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Starting A Business - 2nd Month Review
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