In it's fourth week now the link roundup has proved to be pretty successful thus far and I think (hope) that people are finding value in the posts. That said, this week I'm going to do things a little bit differently and divide the links up into sections as there are a few more of them - not all are specifically business related but all of them can be utilised by someone running or starting a web design company.

The Links

Business Related Links

Twitter Related Links

Wordpress Links

Special Bonus Links

  • Create a Slick Flickr Gallery with SimplePie - NETTUTS Finally a special addition from my good friend Japh who has had one of his articles published by NetTuts - Its a really great tutorial on creating a Flickr feed with SimplePie and JQuery, much nicer than using the nasty default Javascript feed from Flickr themselves!

That's Your Lot!

That's all for this week! You've got enough links to be dealing with so no Twitter people to follow this week, but I'd imagine they'll make a return in 7 days time - see you then!

If there are any specific resources or areas that you would like these posts to cater more towards please let me know, and equally if you found any of these links particularly useful let me know too! It's always great to get feedback from you guys so that I can keep writing posts which you enjoy.