As I mentioned on the Pilot Post of the web design business weekly roundup series (wow, that's a mouthful) - when you're doing something like starting a business, you do a tremendous amount of research and it's often hard to keep track of all the best articles which you come across!

So I'm keeping a short series of posts of the best stuff that I come across each week.

This week I found some GREAT stuff so I'm very pleased with all the stuff I've been gathering for you!

  • SitePoint : The Bushfire Relief Sale SitePoint are running a brilliant 5-for-1 sale this week (till Friday ONLY) with 100% of proceeds going to the Bushfire Relief!
  • FreelanceSwitch Podcast This is one which I've just discovered this week, and it's absolutely brilliant. Some really good advice on rates, specialising, niches, and lots more.
  • Boagworld Web Design Podcast While we're on podcasts I should definitely recommend Boagworld, consistantly good, high quality industry news, interviews, and advice.
  • 15 Websites To Sharpen Your Business Skills Great little collection of sites from Freelance Folder, all full of great information on improving your business skills.
  • The Personal MBA : DIY Business Education & Training This one comes straight from my old man, who has just completed an MBA! The site is full to the brim of help for businesses and has some GREAT content.
  • Nixon Williams Accountants I've mentioned these guys a couple of times this week, but for anyone who missed it - they offer a really great accounting package for professionals in the IT industry.
  • 10 Tax Deductions Freelancers Can Grab This is on from the FreelanceSwitch blog itself, and lists some great money savings that freelancers can make when filling out tax returns.
Twitter Friends

Just like last week I've got some more great people to follow on Twitter, who are almost always happy to reply to your tweets and give you help and advice when you ask for it. Though this time I'm going to simplify it for all involved and just link straight to their twitter profiles.

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That's it for this week, catch you back here same time same place in 7 days time!