I've been totally slacking off with the link roundups over the last couple of weeks, so I'm back with a massive link collection to cover this week and the two before it that I missed! Blogging got stuck on the backburner for the last few weeks while I was developing Lyrical Media V2 (coming soon) and WPress'd - but as of this week my regular posts are back with a bang!

The Links

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That's it For This Week!

I'll try and keep on schedule and have another one of these ready next wednesday, in the mean time if you're look for some new people to follow on Twitter, you should checkout (me), @angstmann, @papaverine, @savagemic, @aaronrussell, and @chrispowell - trying to give you new people each week, so if you want to be on this list next week then all you have to do is follow me and reply to me regularly, that's what all these guys (and girls) have done!