I don't want to sound like a broken record... but where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday I was writing my 'month in review' post for March, but here we are again a full month later! So here's what I did and didn't get done in April, plus plans for May.

The Business

April was a really, really busy month, but I did manage to take a little more time off (I think). Overall I managed to get a lot done and I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out.
  • Launched the brand new Lyrical Media iPhone site
  • Got approved finance for Lyrical Media
  • Won some new clients and worked on some great projects
  • Got Lyrical Media featured on Smashing Magazine!
  • As a result of the above got my office completely sorted out (see pics below)
  • Finally sorted out my business bank account (detailed post coming this week)
  • Conducted an awesome interview with Brendon Sinclaire
  • Conducted an equally awesome interview with Chris Spooner
  • Reviewed the SitePoint Email Marketing Kit
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Reviewing Goals for 2009

As it's now a quarter of a year since I set out my 2009 goals, I thought it'd be good to have a quick look at the ones I have managed to do so far.
  • Sustain myself comfortably between now and May 1st - Success!
  • Find and successfully acquire some finance for Lyrical Media - Success!
  • Read 11 web/marketing related books - 5 done so far
  • Get featured on Smashing Magazine - Success!

Reviewing Goals for April

  • Set up Newsletter - back from last month, really want to get this done Half success, it's all designed - now I just need to code it
  • Review the SitePoint Email Marketing Kit on this blog (fits in with the above) - Success, but more to come!
  • Review the Rockstar Freelancer Book on this blog - Big fail
  • Win (at least) two new client projects - Success! I won 4
  • Complete the first sample of my top secret Lyrical Media project (watch this space) - Big fail
  • Grow my twitter account to 1,500 followers - Success! 1,510
  • Grow my rss subscribers to 100 people - Fail. 80
  • Sell EggRage.co.uk (leave a comment if interested) - Fail

Goals for May

  • Code up and release the first Lyrical Media newsletter
  • Review the Rockstar Freelancer Book on this blog
  • Get new business cards, letter heads, and stickers printed
  • Grow my twitter account to 2,200 followers
  • Grow my rss subscribers to 100 people
  • Take on a virtual assistant

What Are You Up To?

Let me know what you're doing this month and if you have any exciting projects coming up, and I'll be more than happy to mention them here!