In my interview with Brendon Sinclair last week, Brendon very kindly offered to give away some awesome SitePoint books as prizes to the readers of this blog. I'm very pleased to announce that it was the most successful competition I've ever run on the blog and it got some really great entries from lots of different people. But, there could only be 3 winners - read on to find out if you were one of them.

The Entries

I was really happy to see so many people entering and thereby promoting the competition, check out the activity on Twitter for just part of the last hour!


And The Winners Are...

Ok, the bit you've been waiting for, here are the winners of the competition. You have been notified by email! If you didn't win, I'm really sorry! Please keep coming back and you might have better luck next time and of course subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest competition posts delivered straight to you.
  1. HTML Utopia - Ralph Contreras
  2. Simply Javascript - Brian Etheya
  3. Beautiful Web Design - John Wilson
Congrats to everyone who won, please check your emails!