Last month I did an unboxing and an in-depth review of the SitePoint Web Design Business Kit. It went down really well and got lots of interest so I simply had to follow it on with some more of the same thing (but better).

I've been talking about using Campaign Monitor and starting a newsletter pretty much since I started up this blog, so the SitePoint Email Marketing Kit will make a perfect addition to my current business endeavors. In fact, one of the quotes on the SitePoint product page is from Dave Greiner at Campaign Monitor who says:

From strategy to design, delivery to reporting and everything in between, this is something we’ll be recommending to all our customers who are serious about getting the most out of their email marketing endeavors.
This has already given me tremendous confidence in the kit's contents so I'm really looking forward to getting started and reading it! The review for this one is going to be slightly different to the last one, rather than just doing a single in-depth post, I'm going to break it down into sections and do a 3-5 part review. This will give me a lot more time to get into the details without writing too much to read in one sitting.

But for Now...

Enjoy the unboxing shots, it looks like another super high-quality kit! And don't forget, if you can't wait to read my review and you want more info now then you can always head on over to the SitePoint product page and download some free sample chapters from the kit!

If you want to see bigger (more detailed) versions of these photographs then simple click through to the flickr page where you can pretty much triple the size of each one.

What Do You Think?

Like the look of the kit? Looking forward to the review? Have any experience yourself in email marketing and some tips you'd like to offer before I dive into very new and unknown waters? Drop me a line in the comments!