So it's been a full week of working entirely for myself, and I'm happy to report that I'm having a blast (honeymoon period, I know). In the last week I've started to sort out my finances, started getting my workflow on track, networked with some great people, done some promotion and branding, and met with a couple of clients who I'm going to be working with for the rest of the month!

I'm feeling really good about moving forwards and everything certainly seems to be going in the right direction so I thought I'd take a quick look at exactly what I've done, what's working, what's not, and what still needs to be done.

Things I accomplished in Week 1

  • Set up this site from scratch, which has received 5,000 page views in 7 days
  • Authored a new blog post every day (except the weekend), something which I hope to keep up
  • Confirmed an interview with Tony Chester from OnWired (coming soon)
  • Confirmed an interview with Nixon Williams about accountants and web designers (coming soon)
  • Tweeted 294 times
  • Gained just under 100 new followers on Twitter
  • Made a custom Twitter background
  • Booked 2 design jobs for this month
  • Printed and filed all my invoices and expenses for the last 6 months
Things I tested in Week 1
  • Littlesnapper - a screenshot app which I LOVE
  • Things - a GTD app which I really really like, but need more time to really get to grips with!
  • On The Job - a time-tracking / invoicing app which I'm so far undecided on
  • Twitterific for iPhone - a twitter app which has improved massively in the 6 months since I last tried it
  • Fontcase - a font management app which I like a lot, but need to remind myself to use
Things I had trouble with in Week 1
  • Prioritising - there's so much to do, hard to decide what comes first!
  • Forecasting income for the year (more to come on this)
  • Deciding whether or not to redesign Lyrical Media (still not sure on this one)
Goals for Week 2
  • Get my application off to Nixon Williams
  • Call the HMRC and find out about registering as self employed
  • Put my old TV on ebay
  • Put my old car on ebay
  • Sort out my clerical errors
  • Finish my Neophyte WP Theme design
Now I can't ramble on for too long with all these bullet points - if you want to run a business you can't just spend all day talking about how you're going to do it, you have to actually knuckle down and DO it!

So on that note, I bid you farewell (until tomorrow)