"Boarding pass please..."

I dread those words. Partially because at most airports they seem to want to see your boarding pass more often than a fat kid wants cake, partially because it means I'm leaving somewhere.

I don't like leaving places. It's the worst part of doing this non-stop-travelling thing. It's rare that I feel "done" with a place when the time comes to move on. Just when I've settled into a nice new routine, met a bunch of cool new people, and figured out all the local customs... it's time to go again. It's an unavoidable hurdle that comes with this lifestyle, only made bearable by the fact that each time I leave, it's usually to go somewhere else equally amazing.

So I'm in Canada. I did the whole leaving thing with Egypt last week, and it was maybe the hardest place to leave so far. It was really a wonderful place to live and work - not least because for a 3rd the price of my rent was in England, I had a 2 story penthouse apartment with a roof terrace. Now I'm in Toronto, and while it's not quite as hot as I've become used to - it's very nice here. And there are green things, which is a newfound novelty after a couple of months in the desert.

While I was in Egypt, Lezaan flew out so that we could spend a week planning the future of Travelllll.com. I'm not sure how we managed to nail so many different things in such a short space of time and squeeze them in around kiteboarding, scuba diving, horse riding, partying, and general relaxation... but we did. I'm really excited about the future of site - it's going to be a lot more than it is at present and work has already started to get it there. Watch this space.

I'm here for a month now, before flying into Colorado in June to speak at TBEX - then Austria for a couple of weeks - then I'll be back in the UK for a little while to catch up with people and assure HMRC that I am in fact still paying tax, despite what my general movements may look like.

After that... who knows. The great unknown awaits, and I'm going to go and find it, catch it, and beat it with a stick till it does something cool.

Oh, and I'm trying to write on this blog more often. So if you notice that I haven't posted for a while, please tell me to get the fuck on with it.