I know I've been a little behind on posting lately, but I've been painfully busy! One of the things that I've done recently is submit a typographic layout design to a Smashing Magazine. To my great suprise and pleasure, my entry was one of the top ones featured in the Smashing Magazine results article.

The idea behind the layout was to create something very simple, but very detailed and adaptable. Cufon is the driving force behind most of the type itself, even the body text, which means that it looks fantastic in all browsers - even ones which don’t usually bother to anti-alias. The adaptable-ness of the theme comes from the way in which the css classes are constructed. They’re designed to work together to form different boxes of text.

For example, the class=”box small left” would create a box spanning 1 column, with a background image to support the heading tag, and float to the left. A variation would be class=”big right” - which would create a box spanning 2 columns with no background image, float to the right, and eliminate any extra margins. This means that it’s really easy to adapt and change the layout to suit your needs, a few examples of which are included!

So head on over to the Smashing Magazine post and check it out!

In Other News

I found another old domain that I had lying around so I decided to do something fun with it! Check it out over at http://thisdomainisfartoolongyouwillnevereverrememberitinamillionyears.com/ thisdomain

More Coming Soon!

The redesign of this site is almost finished so that'll be launching soon, along with several big posts that I've got planned! What are you up to? Drop me a line in the comments!