This little site has been doing very well for itself since it started almost 4 months ago, and in the spirit of continued growth, it's about due for an upgrade. In the next month or so there are going to be some big changes around here, and hopefully they'll vastly improve your reading experience!

What We've Got At The Moment

At the moment we're running on a modified WooTheme. It isn't modified very much in all fairness, it just has a few tweaks here and there for things like custom post images which aren't built in by default. The problem is that we haven't got enough space. There's no real room for advertisers, or a way to segment the navigation into the 4 main categories of things which I write about, or a way to feature popular posts on the homepage.

In addition, this is more of portfolio theme with a blog, rather than a dedicated blog theme. In short it's been great while it's lasted, but we've now outgrown it and need something a bit more suitable.

What's Coming Up

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on a brand new design for the site which is almost finished (see screenshot below). Once it's completed I'll be developing it and integrating it with the current site, then ad spots will become available through BuySellAds for around $5-$20 per month. newdesign2

That's It!

Let me know what you think of the design so far, I'll have more news coming progressively over the next couple of weeks and will most likely ask some of you to test out the new site to give me some feedback.