Last week I posted an article about how I'd created some Moo MiniCards to use as Mood Cards in clients meetings, and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response. The only other article I've ever posted on this site (so far) that was more popular, was 'The World's Best Web Designers Are Unknown'. So today, by popular demand, I'm releasing the source files under a Creative Commons Attribution License so that you can take them and use them for yourself.

About The Files

This has evolved a huge amount over the last few days, and has now actually morphed into two (complementary) sets of files. Firstly the template files which are ready to be used, and secondly the PSD source files so you can modify the content and export it yourself in whatever way you want.

But first let's look at what's actually included!

The Print Version

The print version is quite simply a folder full of 101 exported high resolution JPG files. In order to use the batch upload facility you should upload the first 100 files together for the front of the cards, and file number 101 (with your own brand) later in the order process for the back of the cards.

This is basically a "ready-to-print" version of what I used to make my own Mood Cards.

In the source files you'll find the main file included is "Print-Template.psd" which contains 101 layers of website screenshots and digital artwork. The Guides in the file indicate the cutting lines used by the printing team. When adding new screenshots you need to fill the entire canvas area, but treat the guides as the edges of the printed cards.

Some layers have had the edges modified in order to extend the edges outside of the cutting lines and keep the primary content inside the card borders.

The Digital Version


I got a lot of feedback from all of you, and one thing that cropped up several time was that some of you don't work often with local clients - most of the people who you work with are in a different country. This is also true for myself (I have a great deal of clients from the US) so I could definitely relate.

In order to do something about this, I decided to make a very simple web version of the cards that you can host on your own website, to use with clients over the phone. It has a wooden background to look a bit like a friendly kitchen table, and it even works with IE6 as long as you don't have a transparent logo.

More detailed information is included in the readme file about installation and usage, but there's a demo-link at the bottom of this post.

In the source files you'll find the basic PSD mockup which was used to conceptualise this web version. You can take, modify, and export from this file to do whatever you like with it.

But Wait, What About The iPhone?


If for whatever reason you need some Mood Cards when you're out and about, but you forget to bring the physical cards with you... don't worry. The digital version has full iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility built in.

Hold the phone vertically and you get a single-column list of all your cards, flip it to the side and you have a bit of extra space which you can use to enlarge each card with a single tap of your finger.


Oh and just so you don't have to go fumbling around with Safari when you need to get to the cards, this is also fully installable as a (custom branded) widget on your home screen.

About The License

This is the legal stuff, I've kept it short in an effort to get everyone to read it. Please take in the terms of the Creative Commons license below before using these files.

These documents are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License, details of which are available on and in license.txt - which is included with these files.

You are free to modify and re-distribute all of these files for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, based on the terms below:

  • You do not need to physically attribute these files to the creator (John O'Nolan) at any time on the actual printed cards.
  • If at any point you talk or write about the cards in passing or in any form of publication, this is where you are required to attribute these files to the creator (John O'Nolan) with a link leading back to
  • The creator (John O'Nolan) does not claim any rights to the images included in these files. They have been captured from the internet where they are publicly available. These images have been created for the sole purpose of being used as reference images and not to be used, sold, or advertised publicly so as to infringe the rights of their original creators.

Download Time!

Ok, so here's the bit you've been waiting for. First of all - please do not directly link to these files externally. You are free to re-distribute the files with attribution (as mentioned above), but if you want to do that then you need to host your own copy of the files for download.
  • The Template Files - Contain everything you need if you simply want to download and start using everything.
  • The Source Files - Contain big photoshop documents that you'll need if you want to make detailed modifications, though you won't need these to do simple things like adding your own logo instead of mine.
  • The Demo Link - Will show you my own web version of the MoodCards in action, you can also visit this link from an iPhone to see the mobile interface.