Well, this has taken slightly longer than intended - but you are now reading the very first Ghost blog in the wild. It's pretty exciting stuff.

As we approach launch, now less than two weeks away, we've been shopping Ghost around every compatible web host we can find for the sake of testing it for compatibility. Our own hosted service of Ghost won't be ready for the Kickstarter launch, so we want to make sure people have plenty of options.

So, this is the temporary home for my blog. It's running on a little WebFaction instance on the bleeding-edge, latest version of Ghost from the master branch of the repository. I fully expect it to break sooner or later, but this should be a fun experiment all the same. There's nothing like eating your own dog food, as the old saying goes.

Once we're a little further along with our WordPress importer (and stability) I'll be pulling all my old content in and moving this blog over to its rightful home on john.onolan.org.

Continuing The Story of Ghost

I've been wanting and meaning to continue the story of building Ghost which I originally started over on Fast Company a few months ago.

Unfortunately the version of the article which was published was rather different from the one which was written. Fast Company editors, it would seem, are more concerned about stirring the pot for page views than actual journalism. I though it would be more interesting, and more accurate, to continue the story in a place where I control my own content.

That is, after all, the entire point of Ghost.

It has felt incredibly strange, for the last 4 months, to be building a blogging platform without actually blogging. Now that it's finally possible to do it with Ghost, this seems like a great place to start.

So. September 7th, 2013. You just witnessed a small but significant moment in the history of Ghost. The first ever publicly published and shared post on this platform.

Try not to break it, ok?