Well a week has gone by very very quickly and here we are, at the finishing line of the LittleSnapper competition! It's been a wonderful week and this post by itself has generated just under a thousand pageviews in the last seven days, bringing the site total to over twelve thousand pageviews since I launched it just 14 days ago; making it my most successful launch ever!

The idea to have a competition for a great product and lend some more exposure to this blog came from my good friend Ryan Roberts - so major props to him too as it's been a huge success!

We had LOTS of great comments and it's been really touch decision deciding who should win, but before I reveal the two actual winners, we should have a look at the honourary awards for the two worst answers.

The Worst Ones

Last week on Tuesday the 10th of February 2009, I said "Go to the LittleSnapper official website HERE - download the trial version, try it out, and tell me why you want a copy! The two best answers will be given serial numbers to upgrade themselves to the fully licensed versions free of charge!"
  • 'NoSpam' gave this answer: "If I don\’t win this app, I\’ll pirate it." (fail)
  • 'JakeHoffman' gave this answer: "Wait, so you have to pay for this? I’d like a copy sure, sounds great. But hell put an ad in it and give it to me. I’m angsty today. Get over it."
Now you should all have an idea of what not to do for the next competition!

So without further delay, on to the winners themselves and their (more deserving) comments on the original compeition post.

The Best Ones

I should say in advance once again that it was extremely difficult picking jut two winners out of a group of what felt like a lot of deserving designers - but these two really stood out to me as the best comments overall.
  • Hayley - http://quasi-evil.net/ "I found both you and LittleSnapper via Smashing Magazine’s Forum and I am so glad I did. I always save screenshots, sometimes of whole pages, sometimes of elements that I really like. Getting the shots isn’t too difficult - I have a Firefox plugin for that - but then I put them in a folder and almost never look at them again. I wind up surfing the web all over again for inspiration when I’ve got folders full of it on my hard drive.

    I’ve just dropped one of my folders of snapshots into LittleSnapper and it’s immediately obvious that this would make a real difference to my work. No more time wasted repeating the hunt for inspiring elements. Instead of having a bunch of images that are only relevant to one project, to be quickly forgotten and probably never used again I can cross-reference with tags turning them into a real resource!

    In a word, awesome!"

  • Sabon - http://blog.altsabon.com/

    "1. I’ve been using LittleSnapper for some time now. I’ve read about it somewhere (can’t remember now), downloaded it and was happy ever after. That is until today… When I tried to save 31-st snap of the webpage it turned my way, made big manga-like eyes and with a guilty shrug told me “No, mister - can’t do”. So after investing time and effort into this little lovely app I was presented with a fact that to continue doing so I have to hand 40 bucks. When I first downloaded it - it either didn’t say anything or it was wisely hidden. All I saw was “Free Download”. Smart :)
    So that’s my reason number one: I have to feed those big manga-eyes with a license code. These are full of tears already - don’t make me make them cry :)

    1. My “Projects” folder, my desktop, my “Documents” folder, my HDD - all of these are a mess. Don’t make me study the chaos theory just to make sense of my own stuff. The first step - screenshots and research - has been made but when I wanted to make the second step, I hit a wall.
      So that’s my reason number two: I need some more steps and a runway to make a run. Maybe even a ride :)

    2. We already like each other (me & my LittleSnapper). Don’t break our relationship!"

Winners have been notified by email :)

Did you enjoy this review of a feelance app and competition? What else would you like to see in the future? Please let me know in the comments!

And finally - a HUGE thank you to the team at Real Mac Software for supporting the competition!