This little bit of news has been a long time coming. It's been under wraps for a couple of months now, but those of you who attended WDC or WordCampNL will know what I'm announcing today, on my 23rd birthday, that I've joined Radiiate to serve as the new the Head of Operations.


Yep! You heard that correctly! I've talked a fair amount recently about how my goals, ambitions and workflow have changed since becoming self-employed. This is a continuation of that.

I've gotten to the point where I want to focus on products not services, and I'm doing that by building up a couple of little startup side projects. The problem is that its very hard to find any "free time" to dedicate to them when all your time and effort is going into figuring out where your next client is going to come from to make sure you're safe from a financial point of view.

Working for Radiiate not only makes me a little more stable, but it also gives me more time.

Why Radiiate?

In 2007 I was working for a company I hated and following the blog of an ambitious young entrepreneur called Adii Pienaar. He'd just left his job at the time and started up a new little agency called Radiiate..I remember seeing photos of his first office and being incredibly jealous.

A few months later @Adii founded @WooThemes and went on to build a multimillion dollar empire. Radiiate, understandably, got put on the back burner.

When Adii asked me if I'd be interested in coming on board at Radiiate to relaunch the company a few months ago, there was no way I was going to turn down working with someone who's business success I've followed and admired for so long.

So What's New?

Well, Radiiate isn't a web design agency any more, it's a creative agency. As well as handling custom design and development work for digital applications, we also cover printed materials, product manufacturing, non-profit / charitable causes, and capital investment for startups through the range of Radiiate sub-brands.

We've already been doing a lot of exciting work for huge artists in the music industry and well known names on the tech scene. You can be sure that were going to be doing a lot more.

Yesterday we relaunched the Radiiate a completely rebranded site (more on the rebranding side of things another time), which is pretty much a collaboration between everyone in the company. It took a while to get it off the ground but we're very proud of this new first version of the site.

Win Some Swag

To celebrate the launch of the brand new site we're giving away some limited edition sets of posters with some beautiful Radiiate artwork. If you want to win then all you have to do is Follow Radiiate on Twitter or Like Radiiate on Facebook - you can even do both if you'd like a better odds of winning!

Each lucky winner will receive one full set of these limited edition posters, shipped free to anywhere in the world! Hot stuff.