Well another week has gone by at the speed of light and amongst other things we've now reached the closing date of the Billings competition! The competition itself has been a great success and generated some fantastic interest both in this blog and in the Billings application itself, I really hope to be able to do lots more of these in the coming months. (look out for an RSIGuard comp next!)

Once again there have been LOTS of great comments and even more than last time it’s been a really tough decision to make on the winner, but I had to pick one in the end, so here we go!

And The Winner Is...

Curvball! With the following comment

Billings is a really great little app.

Why should I get a free version - because I have no time on my hands to do anything these days… and using Billings would surely free up a few more minutes I can spend with my son.

Here’s the link to my RT: http://twitter.com/pixeldeath/status/1375865753

Some of you posted some really great comments that made it really hard on me (I know I've said that already, but seriously, I mean it!) - but I could not fault Curvball for his reasons for wanting the app.

Cerven if you'd like to send over a picture of the little guy, then with your permission I'd love to include it in the post. Drop me a line to collect your license!

To everyone else, you're doing a fantastic job! I'm really sorry if you didn't win this time round - keep coming back and I'll hopefully have lots more stuff to give away in the near future.


A massive thank you to the team at Marketcircle for supporting the competition - this wouldn't have been possible with out their great app or their wonderful marketing team.