I'm hoping that 2009 will be a really big year for me, I'm certainly going to work my tail off to try and make it exactly that! What with leaving a really bad working environment and now starting out along exactly the path that I want to be on, I thought that it would be an idea to set up a working outline of things which I actually want to achieve this year. (Traditionally done on the 1st of January I know, but cut me some slack)

So here goes:

Goals For 2009

  1. Sustain myself comfortably between now and May 1st
  2. Find and successfully acquire some finance for Lyrical Media
  3. Release 8 Wordpress themes
  4. Code a Wordpress plugin
  5. Read 11 web/marketing related books
  6. Get featured on Smashing Magazine
  7. Get featured in a web design publication
  8. Get featured (or mentioned) in a web design podcast
  9. Take at least 1 big holiday (to see my best friends in Australia pls)
  10. Take at least 1 small holiday (inside Europe)
  11. Develop a web application and have it ready for Beta testing
  12. Grow Lyrical Media to take on 1 full time member of staff
  13. (bonus goal) Quit smoking
I think that twelve goals for as many months of the year is fitting, but if I somehow manage to achieve them all before December then I'll definitely add a 'booster' list for the remainder of 09.

I should make it clear to everyone (and myself in particular) that these aren't just hopes and dreams for 2009, these are things that I'm actively going to work hard to achieve.

Right. Time to get cracking.