Today, I'm sitting in a small restaurant by the Worthing Seaside and I find that in a rather small space of time, I've learned a great deal of things that I was previously unaware of. Allow me to share with you my discoveries of today, the 20th of May, in on of the greatest blog post formats of all time: the list post. This is more a post about the art of working from a laptop away from the office, rather than freelancing as a whole.

The 10 Things

  1. Only now do I truly understand why macbooks having a glossy screen is a big deal. Let's just say it's like looking in a mirror, and there isn't even any direct sunlight. I can see *almost* nothing at all. An indoor seat next time would likely be beneficial.
  2. I truly am one of the few people in Worthing under the age of 70, I took the picture below from my current "office-chair".
  3. You have to spend over £5 to use a card in small establishments offering free wifi, so on top of my coffee I also had to buy a sandwich and two packets of crisps that I didn't want.
  4. Streaming music via spotify, blogging, and chatting on twitter ALL completely wirelessly - is extremely cool.
  5. Bowls is an intriguing and confusing "sport", I fear that the rules may be a mystery to me for a further 49 years.
  6. The sun isn't particularly conducive to productivity, though that maybe mostly due to the screen glare.
  7. Getting out of the house/office once in a while is extremely nice and very conducive to new ideas.
  8. Macbook should be fully charged before leaving the house unless you want to stumble around looking for a power supply like a fool.
  9. Writing outdoors is a definite plus, for some reason I find it far easier to concentrate on writing continuously out here.
  10. If you're going to write a "10 things list" leave enough time to come up with number 10, my battery is about to diiieeee
  11. (back at home with charger) Next time, bring sunblock. I now have lobster arms.
See you soon! 9324841