Learning from The Travel Community

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be sent on a bloggers press trip to Valencia in Spain on behalf of vtravelled.com. It was an absolutely »

A Big Sweeping Update

I haven't written here much recently and I think it's about time for an update. I have a lot of different things to mention so I toyed with the idea »

Working The Graveyard Shift

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a post about my average working day. I thought that today it might be interesting to have a recap on what my hours »

Sometimes, Stuff Sucks

This post has been a long time coming, I think it's important that I document both for myself and for anyone reading my blog that starting a web design business »

Fables & Fortune Hunters

I've spoken several times on this blog about The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris (Amazon links: UK, US). A book which I didn't expect to enjoy nearly as »

The Problem With Selling Web Design

There's an inherent problem with the way in which running a web design business works, and I really need to do something about it for my own business. The short »